Stationary Seat Kit
Hang out with your family leaving your car at home!
Convert your traditional golf cart in a four passenger golf cart with our stationary seat kit. This kit will make your travels around the beach or your neighborhood more comfortable having space for more family members and have fun all together.
Flip Flop Seat Kit
This is a versatile alternative!
When you unfold the seat, you'll find that your back seat has transformed into a flat bed! Ideal to trasport gardening equipment, boxes with beverages, your cooler and chairs when going to the beach, etc. With this feature you'll obtain, not only a four passenger cart, but a two passenger working vehicle as well!
Seat Back and Bottom Assemblies
Just take off and mount!
Stop by if the bottom or back of your golf cart seat is worn and get one of our back assemblies or bottom assemblies. This seats are ready to go, from the store straight to your golf cart. No upholstery needed. We have Club Car 2000 Up and Down seat assemblies and EZGO seat assemblies.
Seat Covers